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The Supporting View Object Java Classes

There are three base Java classes that implement view objects: This is the view object class. All view object classes extend this class. The ADF Business Components technology uses this class to manage instances of each view. When you generate the view object class, you can also generate bind variable accessors (typesafe accessors for the view object’s named bind variables) or custom Java data source methods.

ViewDefImpl: This is the view definition class. At run time, one view definition is instantiated for each view. You can add methods to this class that are used by all view object instances. This is the view row class. When you generate the view row class, you can also generate:

Accessors: Typesafe accessors for the view row’s attributes

Expose Accessors to the Client: Turns all accessors into client methods

When you choose to generate Java classes for view objects, the classes that are generated extend the base classes. The classes that you generate use the entity name, followed by ViewImpl, ViewRowImpl, or ViewDefImpl (such as