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Defining Attribute Control Hints


Defining Attribute Control Hints

One of the many powerful, built-in features of ADF Business Components is the ability to define control hints on attributes. Control hints are additional attribute settings that the view layer can use to automatically display the queried information to the user in a consistent, locale-sensitive way. Control hints set on view objects override those set at the entity object level.

To add control hints for an entity object or a view object attribute, perform the following steps:

1. Open the object editor, select the Attributes node in the tree at the left, select the attribute, and click Edit (the example in the slide shows the view object editor).

2. In the attribute editor, click Control Hints, and set the desired properties. To add text to a resource bundle, click the ellipsis (…) next to the text.

3. Add the displayed value; you can accept the generated key or change it; click Save and Select to use the new text resource.

You can set the following control hints:

Display Hint: Determines whether the attribute should be displayed

Label Text: Changes the default label for the attribute; labels are prompts or table headers that precede the value of a field

Tooltip Text: Sets text to appear in tooltip or <ALT> attribute of HTML

Format Type: Sets the formatter to use, such as currency or number for a number attribute