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Editing Business Components


Editing Business Components

You can access all the properties of entity objects, associations, view objects, view links, and application modules by using the object editors and the property inspectors.

You can open the flat editor for an object by double-clicking the component in the Application Navigator, or by right-clicking it and selecting Open from the context menu. The flat editor is nonmodal, with collapsible headers.

The editor enables you to edit the .xml file for the entity object. You can edit it declaratively on the Overview tab, although in rare instances you may need to edit it directly by clicking the Source tab at the bottom of the editor. The History tab enables you to see changes that have been made and to reverse those changes if desired.

In addition to the editors, the Property Inspector enables you to edit business components. If the Property Inspector is not visible, you can display it by selecting View > Property Inspector.

The Property Inspector also has tabs to access panels that display various categories of properties for the selected object. If the property is also displayed on the editor, its value is synchronized so a value change is reflected in both places. The Property Inspector may also display some properties of objects that are not accessible in the editor for that object.

The Property Inspector features a search bar and a toolbar icon; these are described thoroughly in the lesson titled “Getting Started with JDeveloper.”