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oracle adf workshop


Using Structured WHERE Clauses (View Criteria) (continued)

(OrderTotal > 500 AND CreditLimit > 2500 AND DiscountId <> NULL) OR (OrderTotal > 1000 AND CreditLimit > 5000)

You can define view criteria at design time and apply them in the Business Component Browser to test them. Also, you can use bind variables for view criteria values.

The Query Execution Mode sets the source from which the view object retrieves rows. You can set it to:

Database (default): Limits the results of the filtered view object to the database table specified by the query

In Memory:

Limits the results to the in-memory results of the view object query

Uses rows already in the row set

Can be used to progressively refine the row set contents through in-memory filtering

Prevents unnecessary database access

Both: Useful when you have newly created, but not yet committed, results in the row set that you want to filter and combine with filtered results from the database table