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Defining View Object Control Hints (continued)

You may display the same attribute twice in a view. For example, imagine defining the Label UI hint for the Ename attribute of the Emp EO to be the string “Employee’s Name.” If there is an association that relates the Emp EO to itself via the relationship (Emp.Mgr = Emp.Empno), you may create a View Object that includes the Emp EO usage twice, once to include employee information and again to display information about that employee’s manager. In the context of this VO, you might have the Ename attribute from the base Emp EO as well as the Ename attribute to show the name of his manager. If you allow the inherited EO-level UI hints to be used, then both the employee’s name and the manager’s name in this view object will use the inherited UI control hint label of “Employee’s Name.” You can define the VO-attribute-level UI hint for the ManagerEname view object attribute to have the hint “Manager's Name” to clarify the situation, which will override the inherited “Employee’s Name” hint for that attribute.

In addition to the attributes that are based on entity objects, you may have some transient attributes that are defined only at the view object level, so you may want to define control hints for those.