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Editing View Objects

You can invoke the view object editor by double-clicking the view object in the Application Navigator, or by right-clicking it and selecting Edit <VO Name> from the context menu.

The editor enables you to edit the .xml file for the view object. You can edit it declaratively on the Overview tab, although in rare instances you may need to edit it directly by clicking the Source tab at the bottom of the editor. The History tab enables you to see changes that have been made and to reverse those changes if desired.

When you click the Overview tab, you are presented with navigation tabs that contain the following categories:

General: Set custom properties, tuning, or alternate keys for the view object.

Entity Objects: Modify or add entity object on which to base the view object.

Attributes: Modify or add attributes or define custom properties or lists of values.

Query: Modify the SQL query and set bind variables or view criteria.

Java: Generate Java files or expose custom methods to client applications.

View Accessors: Define set of possible values for a given foreign key; used mainly for validation and for lists of values.

List UI Hints: Specify default display settings for the view object when used as a list in the UI.