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Using Master–Detail View Objects in Application Modules


Using Master–Detail View Objects in Application Modules

When you run an application module in the Business Component Browser, or when you use an application module’s data control in a user interface, you need to be aware of the levels of VO instances that are shown in the BC Browser or the Data Controls panel:

The first level, displayed just under the application module in the hierarchy, shows independent instances of view objects.

Any subordinate levels show instances of view objects that are accessed via a view link. These are child VO instances of the independent VO instance on the first level, so contain only rows related to the current row of the master VO. There may be multiple detail levels, each showing related records of its direct master VO.

In the example in the slide, OrderVO1 contains only the orders belonging to the current row in CustomerVO1. OrderVO2 contains all orders, unless restricted by a WHERE clause or view criteria.