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Describing the Course Application: View Objects


Describing the Course Application: View Objects

The view objects that are exposed to the UI are in the uiview package. They include:



BrowseCategoryVO: Is based on Product_Categories

BrowseProductVO: Accesses products of a specified category

CurrentCategoryVO: Category IDs and names of specified category and its parent category



RootCategoryVO: Accesses product categories whose parent category ID is null; in other words, the root categories

SearchProductVO: Is based on ProductCategoryVO with reference to ProductEO

ShoppingCartItemVO: Is based on OrderItemEO, with references to ProductEO (via view link to OrderItemEO) and ProductCategoryEO (via view link to ProductEO)

ShoppingCartVO: Is based on OrderEO with a reference to PersonEO (related customers)

SubcategoryVO: Is related via a view link to RootCategoryVO; accesses subcategories of specified root category


WarehouseStockLevelVO: Is based on WarehouseStockLevelEO, with reference to WarehouseEO (related warehouses)