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oracle adf workshop


Defining the Data Model for the Application Module

The application module contains an active data model of the view objects and view link instances required for the task that the application module performs. When you create the application module, you need to define all the view objects that are part of the application module. All view objects contained within the current package are available to be included. Select the view objects required and click the right arrow to include them in the data model. To remove a view object from the data model, select it in the Data Model section and click the left arrow.

By default, the wizard creates instance names for the data model components based on their corresponding view object names. You might want to change the instance name based on its function or hierarchical placement. In the example in the slide for example, you might rename the nested instance to “AddressesPerPerson,” because the wizard generates a less clear instance name, “AddressesVO1 via PersonAddressVL1” by default.