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oracle adf workshop


Creating an Application Module

When you create an application module, JDeveloper creates the XML component definition file that represents its declarative settings and saves it in the directory that corresponds to the name of its package. For example, given an application module named PersonAM in the oracle.model package, the XML file created is ./oracle/model/PersonAM.xml under the project’s source path. This XML file contains the information needed at run time to re-create the view object instances in the application module’s data model. You can view the contents of this XML file by selecting the view object in the Application Navigator and looking in the corresponding Sources folder in the Structure Window. Double-clicking the name of the XML file opens it in an editor so that you can inspect it.

After you have created your application module, you can edit any of its settings by using the Application Module Editor. To launch the editor, select Edit from the context menu in the Application Navigator, or double-click the application module.