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oracle adf workshop


Oracle ADF Application Module (AM)

Oracle ADF application modules are business components that represent particular application tasks. The application module provides a data model for the application task by acting as a sort of “wrapper” for the view object and view link instances required for the task. Although, conceptually an application module is a wrapper for the entities, views, associations, and view links in an application task, its data model contains only views and view links. The underlying entities and associations are included by implication. The application module also contains services that help the client accomplish the task. For example, an application module can represent and assist with tasks such as:

Updating customer information

Creating a new order

Processing salary increases

Restricted and Unrestricted Views

In the application module shown in the slide, PersonsVO1 is an unrestricted view and OrdersVO1 is a restricted view. When you run the application module, PersonsVO1 can display all rows of person data, but OrdersVO1 can display only the order data associated with the current person. When you add a view to your application module’s data model, you can add it as an unrestricted view or as a restricted view.