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oracle adf workshop


Describing the Course Application: Data Controls

The main application modules are:

1. FODShoppingCartAM: Shopping cart (order) > Shopping Cart Items (order items)

2. FODSupplierAM: Suppliers > AddressUsages

3. FODCategoryAM: Root categories > subcategories

4. FODProductAM has two views on the main level:

Browse categories > browse subcategories > browse products


5. FODCheckoutAM: Shopping cart, which has three views on the 2nd level:

ShoppingCartItem > Product

ShippingAddress (from AddressVO)

PaymentOption > BillingAddress (from AddressVO)

Data controls are automatically created when you create an application module, so there is one data control per application module.

6. In addition, there is a data control for each of two beans:

FODCategoryBean: Is used with a tree to determine if a clicked node is a root category or a subcategory

FODShoppingDashboardBean: Stores some information that is used to refresh a region in the UI