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Refactoring Objects


Refactoring Objects

You can use refactoring to rename or move an object:

Renaming: When you use a wizard to create entity objects and view objects, associations and view links are created automatically. They are by default given names that are based on the name of the foreign key in the database. It is often desirable to use a more meaningful phrase to rename them. To do so, you right-click the association or view link in the Application Navigator and from the context menu select Refactor > Rename. A refactoring dialog box appears to enable you to rename the association or view link.

Moving: When you create an object, you are given the opportunity to specify which package to place it in. If you later want to change the package where an object resides, you can right-click the object and select Refactor > Move. A dialog box appears to enable you to specify a different package; this package gets created if it does not already exist.

When you use refactoring, all references to the object are modified throughout the application.