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Characteristics of a View Object (VO)


Characteristics of a View Object (VO)

A view object is a reusable Oracle ADF business component that encapsulates a SQL query and simplifies working with its results. View objects have the following characteristics:

They are defined by providing a SQL query or underlying entity object.

They simplify the job of executing a query and working with the results.

They can be linked to one or more other view objects to create master–detail hierarchies.

They execute the query at run time to produce a row set of rows through which you can iterate by using a row set iterator.

You can filter the row set a view object produces by applying a set of query-by-example criteria.

You can create a view of data that is specific to your application or to a part of your application.

You use view object instances in the context of an application module that provides the database transaction for the view object queries.