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Creating Entity Objects


Creating Entity Objects

You can create entity objects with the Create Entity Object Wizard that you invoke from the New Gallery (File > New > Business Tier > ADF Business Components > Entity Object). This wizard contains the following pages:

Name: Specify name and package for the entity object; select the database schema to use; select one or more check boxes for the types of schema objects to display; select the schema object on which to base the entity object.

Attributes: Add or delete attributes from the entity object.

Attribute Settings: Change the following entity object settings for attributes that you select from a dropdown list:

Name: It is a valid Java identifier.

Type: It is a Java data type.

Property Set: Select a named property set to apply to this attribute. A property set is a version of an existing domain that is XML-only (no Java) and does not enforce a data type.

Value Type: It indicates whether the default value is a literal or an expression.

Value: The default value (optional); this value is not propagated from the default value, if any, in the database table.

Persistent: Select if the attribute is persistent; deselect for transient attributes.