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oracle adf workshop


Creating Updatable View Objects (continued)

You want to remove a SQL query from the view object. You might want to remove the SQL query if you are only inserting data, and want to save the startup time association with the initial query; or you want to define temporary collections of data using the same consistent business components interface and easily bind data to the user interface.

Declarative mode: This mode is valid only for entity-based view objects. It requires no knowledge of SQL and defers SQL generation until the run-time execution of the view object. The SELECT and FROM lists are generated at run time based entirely on the entity object attributes that are exposed by a databound component in the user interface. You can provide the functionality of WHERE and ORDERBY clauses, if needed, by defining view criteria and sort criteria. These criteria are converted at run time to their corresponding SQL clauses.

Warning: If you switch modes, any SQL that you have defined in a previous mode is lost.