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Describing ADF Business Components (ADF BC)


ADF Business Components

Oracle ADF Business Components (ADF BC) provides building blocks that help you to create the business services part of your application. That is, it governs interaction between the rest of the application and the data stored in the data source, providing validation, specific services, and other business logic.

With ADF BC you can:

Write and enforce business application logic in a central way

Author and test business logic in components that automatically integrate with databases

Reuse business logic in multiple applications and application tasks

Access updatable views of business data that are tailored to specific tasks

Access and update the views from browser, desktop, mobile, and Web service clients

Maintain and modify the business functionality in layers, without requiring modification of the delivered application

ADF Business Components are implemented in metadata that you write by using wizards and that you edit declaratively. You can optionally expose framework code to add functionality if needed.