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Testing the Data Model


Testing the Data Model

JDeveloper provides a way to test the data model without creating a client application. You can perform this testing by using the Business Component Browser, sometimes also referred to as the Business Component Tester or the BC Tester.

To use the Business Component Browser to test the data model, you right-click the application module in the Application Navigator and select Run from the context menu.

A connect dialog box displays, where you select your database connection and click Connect. After the connection is established, the Business Component Browser displays a tree with the application module and all of its view object and view link instances. You can double-click a top-level view object instance to view it alone, or double-click a view link instance to view both master and detail in a hierarchy, with the master row displayed in form style and the detail rows displayed in tabular style.

You learn more about ADF Business Components and how to test them in subsequent lessons.