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oracle adf workshop


Creating ADF Business Components

To create components, you right-click the project that you want to contain the components and select New from the context menu. The New Gallery enables you to create several components in a variety of ways by invoking either a modeler or a wizard.

You can create business components by creating a Business Components Diagram. Dragging database tables from the Database Navigator to the diagram creates entity objects for those tables. You can then use the Component Palette to create other types of objects. This enables you to visualize the relationships between the business components as well as to create and modify them visually. This course does not use the Business Components Diagram, but you may want to experiment with it on your own.

Another way to create business components is by using wizards. You can use individual wizards, such as the Create Entity Object Wizard, to create one type of object at a time. Alternatively, you can use the Create Business Components from Tables Wizard to create several types of components at once, which is probably the quickest way to get a data model up and running. The next few slides show the pages in the Create Business Components from Tables Wizard. Subsequent lessons show you some of the other wizards.

Note: JDeveloper automatically invokes the Create Business Components from Tables Wizard when you create a new Business Components project.