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oracle adf workshop


Types of ADF Business Components

There are two types of Oracle ADF Business Components objects that represent features of your data source. If you have a well-designed data source, the structure of these objects should reflect the structure of the data source. Data sources are represented by the following types of components:

Entity objects, which represent objects in the data source (usually tables, views, and synonyms in a database)

Associations, which represent relationships between these objects (such as foreign key relationships)

Other types of ADF BC objects collect data and present it to the client model. They should be designed on the client’s specific data needs. For this reason they are not as reusable as entity objects and associations. There are three such components:

View objects, which collect data from the data source, usually by a SQL query

View links, which represent relationships (such as master-detail relationships) between view object result sets

Application modules, which provide a single point of access to the view objects and view links