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Database Modeling Tools in JDeveloper


Database Modeling in JDeveloper

You can use JDeveloper to work directly with database objects through a database connection. Alternatively you can work with offline database definitions, which you can subsequently generate to a database schema.

JDeveloper provides the tools you need to create and edit database objects such as tables and constraints outside the context of a database. You can create new tables and views and generate the information to a database, or you can import database objects from a database schema, make the changes you want and then generate the changes back to the same database schema, to a new database schema, or to a file that you can run against a database at a later date. Alternatively, you can use JDeveloper’s modeling tools to visualize your offline database objects on a diagram.

You can use JDeveloper’s database diagrammer to design and create new tables as well. You can import database objects from the offline database into the diagrammer. The diagrammer allows you to import database objects from online schemas and also generate changes to online schemas.