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Using JDeveloper’s Application Navigator


Using the Application Navigator

The Application Navigator presents you with a hierarchical view of all the elements in your application. At the top of the Application Navigator is a drop-down list of open applications that also enables you to open an application or create a new one. To the right of the drop-down list is an arrow that displays the application menu, enabling you to choose actions pertaining to the current application.

The Application Navigator contains four panels:

Projects: Shows all the projects that are part of the current application, along with a hierarchical view of the project elements. The project panel contains a toolbar that enables you to display project properties, refresh, filter, or rearrange the display.

Application Resources: Shows application-level resources such as descriptors and connections

Data Controls: The Data Controls panel provides a hierarchical view of all the data elements, such as view objects and methods, that are available to access in the user interface. It enables you to use drag-and-drop functionality to create UI components on a page.

Recently Opened Files: Provides quick access to files in the current application that have recently been used