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JDeveloper Benefits (continued)

Development approach: JDeveloper provides a choice of development approaches that includes Model Driven Architecture (MDA), declarative development, and hand-coding. With MDA, you start by building a model of the application, which can then be implemented in different technologies. Declarative development enables you to specify requirements of the application declaratively, thus minimizing the coding that may be required. However, hand-coding is still preferred by some. Developers can choose the approach that best suits their skill levels and preferences. Various developers can work on the same files using any of these approaches.

Development platform: JDeveloper is a 100% Java-based tool. Because of this, it is a cross-platform IDE that runs on Windows, Linux, Mac, and various Unix-based systems.

Data source: JDeveloper can access any JDBC-compliant database.

Application server: Applications built with JDeveloper can be deployed to any Java EE–compliant application server.