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Creating a Database Connection in JDeveloper


Creating a Database Connection in JDeveloper

In JDeveloper’s Database Navigator, you can set up and manage database connections to enable your projects to communicate with external data sources, including the Oracle database. All defined connections are accessible to any application or project. To define a new database connection, perform the following steps:

1. In the Database Navigator, click the New Connection icon at the top left of the navigator to invoke the Create Database Connection Wizard, or right-click an application and choose New Connection from the context menu.

2. In the Create Connection In field, select IDE Connections if you want a connection that can be added to any application, or select an application to add the connection for that application only.

3. Provide a name and connection type, and enter a username, a password, and, optionally, a role. If you want the password to be deployed (usually only for testing purposes), select the Deploy Password check box. If you want to save the password, select the Save Password check box.

4. In the Settings section (determined by your Connection Type choice), enter the connection details as requested.