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Creating an Application (continued)

Application Template: Select a template for the application. Click Manage Templates to edit an existing template or to create a new one. An application template provides a way to apply best practices to create the project structure for standard applications with the appropriate combination of technologies already specified. The new application that is created from a template appears in the navigator already partitioned into projects, with technology scopes set.

Saving Applications: Whenever you save an application, you are prompted to save all the current open files. To save the open and modified files, select the Save option (or the Save All option) from the File menu. Italic style is used in the Application Navigator to indicate files that have not yet been saved.

Applications are stored in files with the extension .jws. You do not edit an application file directly, but you can view the content of an application file by using any text editor.

When you open JDeveloper, the last application used is opened by default so that you can resume your work.