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Working with JDeveloper Windows


Working with JDeveloper Windows

By now you can see that JDeveloper has many types of windows that display aspects of the IDE. Most JDeveloper windows can be maximized or restored by using the context menu that appears when you right-click its tab. Alternatively, you can double-click the tab to maximize or restore.

Other options available from the context menu are splitting or unsplitting the window or closing the window. Another way to close the window is by clicking the X on its tab. To reopen, either double-click the corresponding node in the Application Navigator, or select the window to open from the View menu.

You can reposition the window by dragging its tab to a different part of the IDE. You can also undock and redock floating windows by dragging the tab.

You can use the mouse to resize all JDeveloper windows.

Hint: You can restore the default arrangement of the IDE windows by:

1. Quitting JDeveloper.

2. Deleting the windowinglayout.xml file from the o.ide subdirectory of the JDeveloper system directory (system11.1.1.0.xx.xx.xx in the JDeveloper user directory).

3. Restarting JDeveloper.