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Using JDeveloper’s Resource Palette


Using the Resource Palette

The Resource Palette provides a federated view of the contents of one or more otherwise unrelated repositories in a unified search-and-browse user interface. This enables users to find the resources needed for the task at hand easily. Users can locate resources from a wide variety of repositories, search for resources and save searches, preview a resource before using it, and reuse resources by sharing catalog definitions.

The Resource Palette contains two expandable and resizable panels:

My Catalogs: Resources are created and published in their source repository. Related resources are grouped into catalogs and are then exposed to the user in the Resource Palette.

Connections: Many types of connections, such as to databases, file systems, or application servers, can be created and displayed in the Resource Palette for use in any application.

By using the Resource Palette’s toolbar icon, you can create new or import existing catalogs and connections. You are able to search through all resources.

By default, the Resource Palette is displayed on the right side of the JDeveloper IDE. If it does not appear, you can display it by selecting View > Resource Palette.