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Using the Editors (continued)

typing in a filter field to reduce the visible items, allowing quick and easy selection for navigation to the desired place.

Code Peek: The ability to view code in different files without navigating or opening new editors

Edit properties: Many editors for components are modeless editors that appear in the editor area along with the other editors. They can remain open to enable easy access to component editors while you work on other parts of the application.

Edit Visually

Page Flows: Toolbar enables quick access for modifying the display and marking default activities and exception handlers.

Diagrammers: The internal diagramming framework used to build the UML tools in JDeveloper, the Page Flow diagrams, and other visual editors has been rearchitected to be more flexible for internal consumers. The result for end users is more consistent behavior between the different diagrams.

Pages: The breadcrumb bar in the page editor shows the hierarchy of nodes from the current caret position up to the top of the file. Hovering the cursor over a node displays some information about the node and clicking the node navigates the caret to the node location.