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Using JDeveloper’s Editors


Using the Editors

JDeveloper provides a variety of editors with which you can:

Edit code: To edit source code, double-click the file in the Application Navigator to display the contents in the appropriate editor. Highlights of the code editor include the following:

Toolbar enables quick access to functions such as generate accessors, surround with, override method/implementation interface, reformat, and so on.

Auto Code Highlight automatically highlights instances of a selected item

Syntax color options for easier code readability

Quick Javadoc

Code folding: Expand and contract sections of code.

Show Whitespace Characters: Renders spaces, new lines, carriage returns, nonbreaking spaces, and tab characters as alternate visible characters

Overview Popup: View the source at an overview mark by simply hovering the cursor over the mark.

Structure Window Popup: View the source for a method by pressing Ctrl while the cursor is over the desired method in the Structure window.

Quick Outline: A new method to quickly navigate to methods and fields of a class and its super classes. The “ghost” window floats just above the code and contains a tree of the available methods and fields of the current class and its super classes. Start