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Defining JDK and Role

To begin working in JDeveloper, you may need to specify the path to the Java executable (if that was not set at installation) and then select a role to use. You then define an application with one or more projects. If you are going to use a database, you also need to create a reusable database connection.

Path to the JDK: When you install JDeveloper, you may need to specify where the JDK is located. You can download the JDK from Sun if it is not bundled with the JDeveloper installer that you are using. Be sure to download and install the version. Then browse to the bin directory of the JDK and select java.exe.

You can change the path later by shutting down JDeveloper and resetting the SetJavaHome variable in <JDEV_HOME>\jdev\bin\jdev.conf. For example: SetJavaHome C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_05. Then restart JDeveloper.

Roles and Shaping: When you start JDeveloper for the first time, you are also asked to choose the role that you as a developer want to use. You can change that role later, if desired, by selecting Tools > Preferences from the JDeveloper menu.

The JDeveloper environment customizes itself based on the role of the user by removing unneeded items from the menus, preferences, new gallery, and even individual fields in dialog boxes. This is called shaping, and it can even control the default values for fields in dialog boxes within the tool.