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oracle adf workshop


Presenting the Storefront User Interface

The storefront user interface enables a customer to browse a selection of products and to place an order. It consists of the following high-level pages and task flows:

Shopping Dashboard: The main page that contains regions to display all other pages of the application. The user has two main options here, as shown on two tabs:

Shopping: The shopping area enables users to browse or search for products, add products to their shopping carts, and check out the order.

Suppliers: The suppliers area enables users to view suppliers, and also to create, update, and delete suppliers if the user is authenticated and has permission.

Browse suppliers: A list of suppliers; users with appropriate permissions can click a supplier link to update or delete, or can click a button to create a new supplier

Manage suppliers: A page where users can update or create new suppliers, depending on parameters passed

Product search: A search form for products

Product category: A tree of categories and subcategories

Product catalog: A series of tables containing categories, subcategories, and products; users can select a product to display details

Product details: Details about a single product; users can add the product to the cart

There is a series of checkout pages where users confirm their information and submit the order.