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oracle adf workshop


Creating Database Connections

JDeveloper enables you to define several types of connections, including connections to external data sources. Database connections are visible in the Database Navigator, and are organized by the application that owns them. They can also be added to a Resource Catalog, enabling other developers to share them.

All IDE connections are stored in the connections.xml file in the system11.1.1.0.xx.xx.xx\o.jdevimpl.rescat2\connections subdirectory of the JDeveloper user directory (see “Launching JDeveloper” earlier in this lesson for the location of the user directory).

The file system location for an application’s connection descriptor definition information is the connections.xml file in the .adf\META-INF subdirectory of the application itself. By default, applications are stored in the \mywork\<Application Name> directory under the root directory in which JDeveloper is installed, although you can choose to save them elsewhere.