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Creating a Project in JDeveloper (continued)

The second method of creating a project is to create a new one. You must first select an existing application to contain the project. Then you can create a new project from the New Gallery in one of the following ways:

Invoke the application menu that appears to the right of the application name in the Applications Navigator, or click the downwards-pointing arrow on the far right of the application name, and select New Project to invoke the New Gallery.

Select File > New from the menu.

Click New in the Toolbar.

In the New Gallery, select the type of project to create and then click OK.

When you are presented with the Create Project Wizard, you can name the project and specify where you want to store the project files. Depending on the type of project, you may also need to select the technologies to use, set Java or EJB settings, or define other types of project properties.

Note: You can automatically save and compile projects prior to running. This preference is set in project properties. You can set default properties for new projects as follows:

1. Select Tools > Default Project Properties from the JDeveloper menu.

2. In the tree at the left of the Project Properties dialog box, select Run/Debug/Profile.

3. With the Default run configuration selected, click Edit.

4. In the tree at the left of the Edit Run Configuration dialog box, select Tool Settings.

5. In the Before Running section, select the options that you want to perform before running, such as Make Project and Save All.

6. Click OK twice to close both dialog boxes and save your preferences.

You can edit preferences for existing projects by right-clicking the project in the Application Navigator and selecting Project Properties.