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Creating an Application

Oracle JDeveloper uses a well-defined structure to manage Java programming applications. The structure is hierarchical and supports applications, projects, images, .html files, and so on.

The application is the highest level in the control structure. It is a view of all the objects you currently need while you are working. An application keeps track of the projects you use and the environment settings while you are developing your Java program.

You create an application by invoking the Create Application dialog box in one of the following ways:

If there is an application already open in JDeveloper, invoke the application drop-down list and select New Application. If there is no open application, click New Application.

Select File > New, and in the New Gallery dialog box, select General > Application. Click OK.

Enter values for the following properties in the Create Application Wizard:

Application Name: Enter a name for the application. This name is used to categorize all the files in your application.

Directory Name: Enter a top-level directory for the application or click Browse to locate one. This is where all your application files are stored during development.

Application Package Prefix: Enter a prefix for all packages associated with this application. The prefix you assign defines the root package for every project in the application.