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Using the Property Inspector

The Property Inspector presents a collection of all settable properties for a selected element. Features of the Property Inspector include the following:

1. When you select an element in the Structure window or Visual Editor, the Property Inspector title bar shows the name of the selected element.

2. A toolbar enables you to perform component-level actions, such as rebinding to a different control, freezing/unfreezing, or creating a new view. You can also toggle auto-extend, which enlarges the Inspector when the cursor moves over it.

3. A search function enables you to quickly locate a property on any panel.

4. A Component Help button invokes context-sensitive Help.

5. Expanding a category group on the left side displays a panel containing a subset of properties.

6. Drop-down lists of values are available for many properties.

7. If an editor is available for a property, an arrow to the right of the property invokes it.

8. Icons indicate if property values are databound or if they are changed from the default.

9. When a property is selected, a brief description of the property is displayed at the bottom of the Inspector.

When you change a property, the value is automatically validated and applied when you navigate out of that field.