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Using the Structure Window

The Structure window is displayed by default below the Application Navigator. If it is not visible, select View > Structure to display it.

When you select anything in a navigator, editor, or the Property Inspector, the Structure window displays the elements of the selected document in a tree format. For example, when you select a .java source file, the classes, interfaces, methods, and variables are displayed, and you can sort and view them in a variety of ways. You can use the Structure window to quickly locate and navigate to specific areas of code in your Java source files and to browse the class hierarchy.

When you are designing a user interface with the visual editor, the Structure window displays the components of the UI and their associated event-handling methods in a hierarchical tree format. The Structure window enables you to create new components in precisely the desired location, whereas such precise placement is often difficult in the visual editor.

You can open as many new instances of the Structure window as you would like. New instances will automatically track the active selection in the active view unless frozen. You can freeze and unfreeze the selection in the window by clicking Freeze View. You can click the New View icon to open a new instance of the Structure window that appears docked with the existing window or windows.