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Examining Oracle Fusion Architecture


Components of Oracle Fusion Architecture

Oracle Fusion Middleware is a standards-based family of products that are often deployed and used in conjunction with one another to develop Java EE applications, providing the benefits of common security, management, deployment architecture, and development tools.

Oracle Fusion Middleware's architecture enables you to leverage your investments in any existing application, system, or technology.

Oracle Fusion Middleware includes the following best-of-breed technologies:

Oracle BPEL Process Manager: A native Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) engine for Web service orchestration, enabling you to design, define, and execute business processes

Oracle Web Services Manager: A console to secure and manage your Web services

Oracle Business Rules Engine: A product to enable agile management of business rules

Oracle Enterprise Service Bus: A standards-based product that connects existing IT systems and business partners as a set of services, and supports event-driven architectures

Oracle Business Activity Monitoring: A product to report insight into business operations

Oracle Services Registry: A UDDI v3–compliant registry

Oracle JDeveloper: An integrated development environment for creating and composing applications in a unified toolset for all Oracle Fusion Middleware tools. Not only can you use Oracle JDeveloper to build applications, but Oracle developers use JDeveloper to build the other tools.