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oracle adf workshop


Technology Choices for ADF BC Applications

In this course, you employ the MVC architecture through the use of Oracle ADF and JavaServer Faces:

Business Services: ADF Business Components (ADF BC) provides the business services that are responsible for representing database tables and persisting user input values to the database.

Model: ADF data binding is accomplished in compliance with JSR-227, a standard data binding and data access facility for Java EE that provides a standard for interactions between UI components and methods available on the business services. With this standard data binding, any Java UI rendering technology can declaratively bind to any business service.

Controller: ADF Controller

View: Java ServerFaces and ADF Faces; render kits enable the UI components defined by Java ServerFaces or ADF Faces to be rendered differently on different devices. For example, the UI can be rendered on a computer’s browser or on a mobile device such as a cell phone or PDA.

Metadata Service: ADF BC applications can also use Metadata Service (MDS) for customization and personalization. This is outside the scope of this course.