Execute With Params in Bean

I have viewObject with parameter. I want to execute this ViewObject in Bean. Something like this in the end of VO.

Where 1=1
    and supplier = nvl(:b_supplier, supplier)  
    and UPPER (SUP_NAME) LIKE UPPER (:p_sups_search_by_name || '%')

For do this, I created in binding section new action.
Then I chosen my iterator with execute with params option.
Setup parameter name and type.

After that I created bean with next logic it method:

BindingContainer bindings = BindingContext.getCurrent().getCurrentBindingsEntry();
OperationBinding ob = bindings.getOperationBinding("ExecuteWithParams4");
ob.getParamsMap().put("p_sups_search_by_name", "parameter1");
Object result1 = ob.execute();