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ADF Logger
ADF Basics: Call PL/SQL Stored function in ADF Application
How to execute a method before the jsf page gets loaded
ADF Model: Generating and using 'in' clause in VO sql statement
ADF UI - ADFUtil class to evaluate, set and invoke EL expressions
ADF UI - Getting all pagedef attributes of a particular VO iterator programatically
ADF Model: Programmatically executing view criteria in AMImpl method


Migrating from Oracle Forms to Oracle ADF

Deploying ADF application in Oracle Cloud:

article app src


My Samples or Samples what I tried

Implementing Search for Multiple Attributes of a View Object (Very Helpful Example)


Scopes in Fusion Web Applications

Materials what I should try:

ADF 11g – close popup with taskflow inside or complete taskflow inside popup
ADF Page Template Refresh From ADF Page Fragment
ADF Page Template Refresh From ADF Page Fragment src
Refreshing ADF Page Template from ADF Fragment Template src
Creating and Changing View Object Queries in Code
How to run Java code on every page load in Oracle ADF src
Using popupFetchListener to execute method on popup launch in Oracle ADF
How to Refresh an UI Component from Backing bean in ADF

Materials what I should look:

ADF Refresh page jsf with page fragments jsff after set session variable

Some Code Samples:

Sample Oracle ADF Application
ADF Summit sample open source application
MainPageWithPopup Example
Using Task Flow as a Popup Dialog

Groovy and Oracle ADF:

Groovy Web Console
ADF BC Groovy with Java Imports
Introduction to Groovy Support in JDeveloper and Oracle ADF 11g(PDF)

If you have source codes with good code examples, please share it with us.